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Flint Ref by personofboredom
Flint Ref
New Victubia OC!

Sooooo his name is Flint Icarus (because kids come up with literally the stupidest names if they are left to name themselves) and he's Rienn's lab assistant. I've been thinking she needs one for a while, but I never really got around to doing anything about it. So!

Rienn met Flint when she was throwing out some failed experimental stuff on organic materials (aka meat) and this little urchin kid showed up and took it. She warned him not to eat it, but, little twerp that he was, Flint scampered off and took a big bite outta the toxic food. He woke up later in Rienn's house, where she (angrily) explained that he blacked out after eating the meat and SHE TOLD HIM SO and that he should probably leave once he has recovered. However, he took great interest in all of the experiments and science stuff happening in her house, so she took him on as an unpaid assistant/apprentice. He now lives in her house. 

Rienn is pretty demanding of little Flint, but he shrugs it off. He functions as an errand boy, cleanup kid, and that person in the lab who just generally hands the scientist the stuff she needs. He holds a high respect for Rienn even though she isn't very affectionate or warm.

About the surname:
Flint has always wanted to fly. Who knows why. Everyone wants to fly, I guess. But Flint has always attempted to invent wings out of scraps and study the biology of dead birds that he used to find. He once heard about the myth of Icarus and Dedalus (idk if the same myths exist in Victubia as in our world, but eh). If you don't know the myth, google it. Icarus flies, but he also dies. However, Flint is much more focused on the fact that he flew at all, even if it ended in his ultimate demise. "Everyone dies, but not everyone flies!" is what he told Rienn when she questioned his rather morbid choice of last name.

ALSO it was mentioned in the official post about magic in Victubia that most don't end up finding out if they have magic until their teens, so Flint doesn't know yet. He is a bit worried about what will happen if he does end up having magical abilities because of Rienn's distaste for magic. In actuality, Rienn wouldn't like it, but she wouldn't just boot him out; she's grown to be very fond of the little dude.

Okay, I think that's all I have on him for now... Cool. Congrats if you ended up reading to here. You da bomb diggity.


Seraz di Brutonia
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Ermmmmm... Yipyip???

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